Brian first took an interest in photography in 2007, shortly after becoming a certified diver. He purchased an Ikelite housing and accessories for his Canon SD-800 point and shoot camera, and began taking pictures of sea life - fish, mammals, reptiles, and other invertebrates - and the vast seascapes of the world's gulfs, seas, and oceans.

After a little over a year of shooting, he upgraded to a Nikon D300, Sea&Sea Housing, and a pair of Inon strobes, and spent several years refining and improving his techniques and work.

He has since taken an interest in topside photography - including wildlife, nature, and landscape scenes - and is exploring America and her endless beauty.

His work has been published (commercially and non-commercially) on a handful of websites, and in travel magazines, television documentaries, books, and wildlife identification guides both domestically and internationally.